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Real Estate Services

Finding The Perfect Space

It is our job to find your future space with the help of fifty years’ worth of data into our proprietary in-house listing system combined with top internet multiple listing type services, as well as our extensive network of personal relationships. We are active brokers with a full knowledge of available properties and quite often we’re aware of off market opportunities. Efficiently arriving at a short list of properties that best suit each client is our specialty, but we are happy to show you as many properties as you’ll allow. The right space is out there!

Finding a Tenant/Buyer

In order to lease/sell a property, we understand that exposure is key. We make sure to use a variety of techniques, including digital and traditional methods, to reach the broadest possible audience of prospects. Strategies include everything from email blasts and internet marketing to signage and door to door canvassing. Our campaigns have also generated successful results from both statewide and county economic development authorities, as well as various trade groups.

What sets us apart from other real estate firms is the energy and enthusiasm put into our work. We care about our clientele and make every effort to match them with the best opportunity. Our record and client testimonials bear witness to this.

Exclusive Property Representation

As your exclusive broker, Team Resources will make sure prospective buyers and tenants learn of your property’s availability. Our philosophy is simply to make sure every possible prospect is aware of your real estate, either directly with us or through other real estate brokers. Then we make sure the property is presented in its best light. We craft a multi-pronged marketing program specifically tailored to your facility and designed to meet your personal or corporate goals.

The process includes:

  • Creating and distributing descriptive flyers and brochures
  • Door-to-door and telephone canvassing
  • Active cooperation with other real estate brokers
  • Mass email and/or mass snail mailings
  • “Available” signs strategically placed
  • Open houses for brokers
  • Cooperation with Municipal, County and State economic development authorities.

The Negotiation

An important aspect in completing a real estate transaction is making sure that both parties arrive at a satisfactory outcome. This can often be the trickiest part of the process. A big part of our success has been the ability to keep discussions moving forward with a productive give and take. Keep in mind that finding a property or a prospect is only step one in the overall process. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “the deal’s not over ’til it’s over,” and we think we can be instrumental in getting it there.

Property Valuations

Although we are not MAI certified appraisers, we are often asked to assess the market value of a property. Whether for estate planning purposes, partnership valuations, or tax or marital issues, or even simply for curiosity’s sake, we are happy to assist you with a property value assessment.

Building Connections Through Investments

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