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Team Resources is one of the leading commerical real estate firms in northern and central New Jersey. We specialize in locating and marketing commercial real estate.

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By using a combination of our proprietary in house listing system, our network of personal relationships and common sense, we are in a position to show you virtually every location available that might be a suitable future home. Because we're active brokers with our proverbial ears to the ground, we are not only aware of what's available, we're likely aware of some inside information as well. We're pretty good at narrowing the choices to a short list but we'll show you as much property as your time will allow.

When we market a property, our goal is to expose the building as widely as possible. We accomplish this using some high tech and some low tech methods. Our tools include email, fax blasts and internet marketing on the high tech end, and signs and door to door foot canvassing on the other. In between, we do things like host open houses, advertise and hit the phones. We've had a lot of success with statewide and county economic development authorities as well as trade groups.

We are also well known for the cooperative relationships we have with other brokers throughout the area. Our colleagues in the region have been a rich source of out of town prospects, and brokers will find that we bend over backwards to accommodate their needs.

What sets us apart though is the energy and enthusiasm we put into the task. Our record and our testimonials bear out the success of our methods.

Keeping tensions between opposing sides to a transaction in check is often the most difficult aspect to a real estate transaction. Many issues that crop up during a negotiation involve themes we've seen many times. A large part of our success has been the consistent ability to keep things moving forward with a productive give and take. Simply finding a building (or tenant/buyer) is only part of the process. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, "the dealís not over 'til itís over", and we think we can be instrumental in getting it there.

We are not MAI certified appraisers, but often we're asked to assess the market value of a property. Perhaps it's for estate planning purposes, partnership valuations, or tax or marital issues. For whatever the reason, we may be able to assist you with an assessment as to your property's value at a given point in time.

We've been asked upon occasion to give depositions or courtroom testimony in disputes involving real estate matters.

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