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Team Resources is one of the leading commerical real estate firms in northern and central New Jersey. We specialize in locating and marketing commercial real estate.

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Team Resources: Unusual name for a corporate real estate firm. But we're an unusual company. We're a boutique, not a conglomerate -- five seasoned principals with decades (would you believe centuries!) of experience in commercial and industrial real estate and a thorough knowledge of the Northern and Central New Jersey market. And we're backed by a top notch brokerage and clerical staff, many with long-term experience in various other businesses. We're hands-on, not impersonal -- our top people work directly with you and your managers to find the right property for your needs, or to sell or lease your facility when it's time to move on. We believe in cooperation -- as our name implies we pool our up-to-the-minute information, creative ideas, and contacts to locate prospective buyers/tenants, or landlords/sellers; solicit offers; and conduct negotiations in the shortest time possible. Think of us as your professional marketing or acquisition arm.


If you have commercial or industrial property to sell, buy, or lease, you have several choices. You could sign up with the branch of a firm that has offices in all parts of the world. However, most deals in New Jersey are concluded with businesses already located in the metropolitan area, and this fact plays to our strength -- we're local. Plus, at a conglomerate, the senior people you first meet are rarely the ones who do the heavy lifting. Or you could deal with a company whose salespeople will serve their own needs, but not necessarily yours. At Team Resources our principals and staff work directly with you through every phase of the transaction. They’re committed to getting you the most advantageous deal possible in the shortest amount of time.


As your exclusive broker, Team Resources makes sure prospective buyers and tenants learn of your property's availability. Our philosophy is simply to make sure every possible prospect is made aware of your available real estate, and that when they come to see it, it’s presented in its best light. We craft a multi-pronged marketing program specifically tailored to your facility and designed to meet your personal or corporate goals.

The process includes:

  •  Creating and distributing descriptive flyers and brochures
  •  Door-to-door and telephone canvassing
  •  Active cooperation with other real estate brokers
  •  Mass email and automated fax blasts
  •  Available signs strategically placed
  •  Open houses


Effective real estate brokerage is a professional endeavor. If one merely wants to see property, one can hire a taxi. Far more skill, experience and finesse is required to create and hold together the multi-faceted undertaking which is a real estate deal. No transaction is complete until both parties sign on the dotted line and the sale or lease closes. That isn't always easy. An integral part of our task is to keep everyone content, even when the agendas and personalities of the two sides differ significantly. That takes a thorough knowledge of real estate matters and excellent people skills. Over the years, we've gotten pretty good at this. We know that computer matches aren't enough. It often takes real creativity to put a deal together and then keep it from falling apart. At Team Resources, we look to anticipate and solve problems early, so they're less likely to resurface at closing time. And we make the entire process as painless - and rewarding - as possible.


When it comes to commercial or industrial property, you know what you want, and we know how to get it for you. Call us when you're expanding, downsizing, relocating, leasing, or selling. We treat your business like our own.


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